Tumblr Theme Collection Jan 2013 gathers many great themes for Tumblr Blogs that will help you create impressive, beautiful, clean and modern blogs.



The Catalog Tumblr Theme




The Catalog is a simple yet very complete Tumblr Theme focused on getting all your photos, text, videos, audio in a catalog-like format. All posts are showed as thumbnails and you can see more by clicking them. It’s a responsive theme that works well in different screen sizes. It has a slider that fetches posted photos based on a special tag.


Supple – A Portfolio Theme for Tumblr




SUPPLE is a versatile portfolio theme for Tumblr by Pixel Moxie. SUPPLE is aimed at creatives—designers, illustrators, photographers, video artists—and allows you to display your work in a grid-like fashion, flexibly enough so you can define the aspect ratio of your thumbnails: from landscape to portrait, including square and anything in between.


Pierre – A Super Clean Tumblr Theme




Pierre is a super clean Tumblr theme aimed at making your content the center of attention. Included is scalable typography and support for most social media types.

Easy to customise with support for Disqus, Flickr, Twitter, Dribbble, Instagram, Google Adsense and Google Analytics. This theme gives a tailored view to each device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, etc) that visits it and only serves the content that is required, helping to speed up delivery of your site.


Luomo – A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme




LUOMO is an expressive, responsive Tumblr theme created by Pixel Moxie. LUOMO is designed to display your media at large sizes in big style, giving you great control over each post color palette. With LUOMO, you can tailor each post to complement the way your content looks and feels. LUOMO adapts to the screen size of the device you’re using to view—your content will look awesome on any device.


Affection – a responsive Tumblr theme




Affection is a feature-rich, responsive Tumblr theme, which starts out with a width of 1040 pixels for desktop computers and scales down nicely to tablet and smartphone resolutions. It is based on Foundation 3, one of the most advanced responsive front-end frameworks available.



NIFTY – Clean Tumblr Theme




NIFTY is a sleek, minimal theme for blogging system – Tumblr. Variety of custom options makes it multipurpose use! You can easily change the overall view of the theme (for best start, we’ve prepared a well documented user guide file).


Silent Alley – Responsive Multi-Color Tumblr Theme




SilentAlley is a multi-color scheme tumblr theme,include three color styles.It’s support full screen background image and you can change it easily, so I think it’s suit for photographer,artist or designer use.Meanwhile, you can change some parts of color,e.g. Links color, article title background and so on, it’s unlimited color.At some level,it’s not confined to that three defined styles, you can try your plenty of imagination to customzie this theme.


Xtend Fullscreen and Modern Theme for Tumblr




Xtend is a modern theme for Tumblr, jQuery powered, with Infinite Scrolling and a Masonry layout. Xtend supports Disqus Comments, Google Analytics, Twitter and Instagram widgets…


Flight – A Clean & Responsive Template




Flight is a clean & responsive template for a tumblr blog. It comes with lots of social features built in including post sharing and disqus commenting integration. Flight supports all post types and has a built in twitter feed.


UltraTiles – Customizable Magazine Style Theme




UltraTiles is a minimal tile based theme with a magazine style post layout. It has a huge array of features so you can customize the theme how you like. Nearly everything about the theme can be changed so you can make it look how you like.




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